If you didn’t know me and did a quick Google search for my full name, “Danielle Beauchemin” you might be surprised to know that I may have been on the TV show “Naked and Afraid“.

The truth is… I was NOT on the show Naked and Afraid. But it was actually another young woman named, Danielle Beauchemin

Danielle Beauchemin - Naked and Afraid

The series aired a few months ago now but I decided I should write about it after Googling my name again today. As an online business owner it’s important to Google yourself and your business occasionally. We need to protect our reputation. You never know what might come up when you Google your name, but hopefully it won’t be something strange like my situation.

If you aren’t familiar with Naked and Afraid, it is a reality show where two strangers have to survive in the middle of nowhere with no clothes, food or supplies for 21 days.

Quite some time ago I came across some interviews of Danielle and how she was going to appear on Naked and Afraid. Like I mentioned previously, I Google my name occasionally to see what comes up. So that is how I found out…

About a year passed and one morning I woke up with a ton of Facebook friend requests form strange men. I was like hmm that is weird. When i clicked on the profile of one of the guys they had a post about Naked and Afraid. I was like… oh no, it’s happened.

Over the next few weeks I continued to get friend requests. I’m sure I would have got several people following me on Twitter too but at the time I didn’t have my full name on any of my accounts.

It’s definitely a funny situation and my family and friends still bug me about it. What are the chances that another blonde girl in her 20s named Danielle Beauchemin would be on a show called Naked and Afraid?

I give her props for doing that show, I don’t think I could ever do something like that.

I personally have never watched Naked and Afraid, have you? Did you see ‘me’ on TV?

Have you had any strange or funny results when searching your name on Google? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

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