salad barIf you ever eat at a salad bar then you know how fast your salad can add up to at least $10 every time.  The reason it costs so much is because they charge by the pound.  Here are three ways you can fork over less cash for your greens.

1.  Fill your bowl with stuff that doesn’t weigh much.  Blueberries or slivered almonds are typically pricey, but they are fairly light.  A pound of almonds can usually run up to $5 in stores, so if you add them to your salad you are getting more for your money

2.  Avoid heavy foods.  Skip hard-boiled eggs and chunky tomatoes as they weigh more than what they would actually cost if you purchased them yourself.  Look for vegetables that they have soaked in dressing which make them heavier and cost you more.

3.  Get your dressing on the side.  They usually don’t charge extra if you put the dressing on the side and it will save from weighing down your salad. 



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