daniellechris1For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been in a long distance relationship for almost four years now.  My boyfriend lives in the US and I live in Canada.  Not only does he live in another country, he is also in the Air Force so we spend quite a bit of time apart.

I never imagined I’d be in a long distance relationship, I never considered it and didn’t ever plan to be in one.  But I met him and we instantly clicked and started dating a few months later. 

During our first year together he deployed over Christmas.  I think that was probably the hardest time in our relationship for me and really tested the strength of our bond.  Since then he hasn’t deployed overseas but has been in training programs and has also gone on several trips for work.  He will probably deploy again next year which I’m not excited about.

Seeing that we reside in different countries we do have to spend months at a time apart even when he is home working.  For example, right now we will be apart until Christmas time.  We will then get to spend a few days together and then he will go back home again.  I plan to get visit him sometime in the new year though. 🙂

How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship - How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Because of technology I think it is a lot easier to hold together a long distance relationship then in the past.  We are now able to video chat, send photos instantly, text and talk on the phone and all for little to no cost.

Sometimes I feel like I live two different lives, one with wherever my boyfriend is at the time and one at home with my family and friends.  He doesn’t spend much time where I live because of our schedules.  I always go to him so he’s never really been in my home life for an extended period of time.

daniellechris2There’s easy days and hard days when we are apart.  It’s especially difficult when something goes wrong in my life and I don’t have him here in person for support or a hug.  Luckily I can text or call him and chat about the issue, but it’s not exactly the same.

My boyfriend is a great guy and I honestly think that’s what makes this long distance thing much easier for me.  People always ask how I do it, but it really hasn’t been that difficult.  He’s definitely worth it!

I will say though that the distance thing hasn’t gotten any easier in the years.  If anything I think it gets harder every time we are apart.  I guess that’s good though cause it means our relationship is only getting stronger if it gets harder to be apart.

If you are in a long distance relationship then here are some tips to make life easier when you are apart.

Communicate often

We always text each other good morning and goodnight.  It always makes me smile when I wake up with a text from him and I can’t get to sleep unless I text him goodnight.  Try to communicate throughout the day when you can and keep each other updated about what’s going on in your lives.  Try to talk on the phone or video chat when you can.  We usually text all day and don’t chat on the phone or video chat often.  But I’d like to start doing that more, sometimes it’s just hard to find the time.

Know each others schedules

If you know each others schedules it will be easier to communicate with them.  That way you won’t try to call and be disappointed when they don’t pick up.  You might be on different time zones so it’s important to know good times when you are both able to sit down and chat.

Stay positive

Like I said earlier, there’s good days and bad days.  You just have to stay positive.  If you are down, give your significant other a call and talk to them to cheer yourself up.  If I’m ever feeling down I’ll look at some of our pictures or think about the next time I’m going to see him and how much fun we will have.  Try to think of the future, set a date when you are going to see each other so you can look forward to that.

Trust each other

If you and your significant other don’t trust each other than a long distance relationship probably won’t work.  I don’t really know how I can elaborate on this subject. It’s pretty straight forward.

Have fun

While you are apart don’t sit at home all day thinking about how much you miss the other person.  Go hangout with your friends, join local groups or volunteer.  It will keep you occupied and make time pass faster.  I know I spend a lot of time working when I’m at home since I own my own business.


Overall, your relationship is going to be what the two of you make of it.  We are very happy and have made it work for us!  We always make the best of our time when we are together since we know we will be apart again.  My biggest suggestion is to just try to keep yourself in a positive mindset and communicate with your partner often. 🙂 


Are you in a long distance relationship?  How long have you guys been together and do you have any tips?  I’d love to hear them!


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