sephora gift cardGift Cards are a very popular item to receive as a gift these days.  In fact I received four for Christmas this year.  Sometimes people give gift cards to places I don’t typically shop or eat at.  That is why I love the website

CardSwap is a website that buys gift cards from people and sells them back to people online.  You input what company the gift card you want to sell if from, for example “Sephora” and then you enter the amount on the gift card (which has to be greater than $25).  They will then tell you the dollar amount that they will give you for the card.  If you are satisfied with the amount you can mail them the card and once they receive the gift card they will mail you back a cheque.  You could also opt to receive points on their website instead of cash.  The points can be used to purchase gift cards that other people have sold to CardSwap.

I have sold a few gift cards on CardSwap in the past and received my cheque from them very quickly.  It is a great place to get rid of your unwanted gift cards.  The amount of cash you receive back varies.  I noticed when checking the rates that it seems like you earn less cash then a few years ago. But in my opinion any amount is better than not using the gift card at all.

CardSwap is for Canadian gift cards only.  I’m sure there are websites to sell gift cards for other countries as well.  So if received any gift cards that you didn’t like for Christmas or your Birthday or whatever the occasion make sure the check out CardSwap.

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