1.  Cut out just one snack or “bad” food.  You don’t have to change your entire way of eating overnight.  You can do it by changing one food, snack, or meal at a time.

2.  Find a fun way to get some light exercise.  You might not feel comfortable at the gym, I know I don’t.  But you can walk in place while you watch TV, pedal a stationary bicycle, or walk around the block with a friend or family member.

3.  Get help.  There are plenty of support groups for people who want to lose weight.  Many of them are just a click away online.  If that’s not for you, get a friend or family member to encourage and help you with your goals.

4.  Encourage and reward yourself.  As you loose weight, remember that your new eating patterns and exercise choices will become a way of life for you.  This is a long-term solution that will be worth it as your waistline decreased and your health improves.  Give yourself a treat as you reach each small goal, and plan for what you’ll do as the new, thinner you!

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