I picked up the NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Deep Red #126 nail polish on sale for $1.00 awhile back.  I finally decided to wear it since it is fall. 

I have been presently surprised with NYX Cosmetics nail polishes.  However, it didn’t go on as smoothly as some of the other ones I own.  I did two thick coats and it looked good to me but some people might want to do three as it isn’t as opaque as it could be. 

I do love the colour! It is a dark, deep vampy red.  It has a jelly like finish, very shiny.  The nail polish held up very well! It stayed chip free longer than most of my other nail polishes. 

Overall I really like NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Deep Red.  It might just take a little longer to apply it.  But it is worth it!



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