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I’m going to begin by telling you straight up to never buy anything from AllDesignerGlasses.com unless you know exactly what you want, you are not in a hurry and you do not need any assistance..

I required glasses and finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase some.  I had my eyes tested at Costco for a great price, only $59.  I found a pair of glasses I liked but of course me being cheap tried to find them online at a discount.  The pair I wanted were $250 in Canada in the store and I found them online for $112.  I got super excited and decided to purchase them.  I couldn’t find any creditable reviews online about any of the places that stocked them but decided to purchase them anyways.

I ended up choosing to buy them at AllDesignerGlasses.com.  They were $112 and with free shipping to the USA.  My boyfriend lives in the states so I figured I’d send them to his house.  I placed the order and waited for it to be shipped.  All I was purchasing was frames, I was not getting my lenses through them.  Their website states 1-3 days processing time.  My order was not shipped till the fifth day.  I tried calling them on the third day several times but there was no answer. I also emailed them several times and received no responses.  They say that they have a ticket system for emails but I never once received an answer to any emails I sent to them during my whole buying process.

I received my order finally about 10 days later. Yay! Except there was one problem.  My glasses were too small. I thought to myself that since I was unable to contact AllDesignerGlasses.com before that I’d never be able to get through to them to do an exchange.

I emailed them requesting an exchange.  To my surprise they responded quickly.  I wanted these glasses right away so I asked if I place a new order today and send the other ones back will they refund me the entire amount without a restocking fee? They told me yes.  I asked this because if you do a straight return they charge you a 15% restocking fee.  So since I was assured that I would not be charged a restocking fee I sent my glasses back and place a new order.

I sent back my frames that were too small with USPS as requested and insurance them for the full amount.  They were delivered within two days.  Well sort off. USPS attempted to deliver them and the business was never open.  I started to freak out about getting my money back and contacted the company.  They have this online support chat that I tried out.  It took me multiple times to connect to it as they kept booting me out.  So finally I put a different subject into my submission and they accepted. I guess I tricked them. I told them about my situation and she said they would be going to the post office to pick up my package today and that my return would be processed that  day.

While chatting to the support desk woman I asked her to reassure me that I will be getting my full $112 back.  Guess what? She said I’d be charged a 5% restocking fee.  Now that made me angry.  No where on their website or the return form does it state that. She tried to tell me that an exchange is a return and as a courtesy they only charge 5% instead of 15% on a exchange. Once again I told her it does not state this anywhere and they should charge their terms on their website and return form.  She disapeared from the online chat.  Figures.  Later that day I received an email from them explaining their terms and conditions. 

My return glasses ended up getting delivered to the warehouse and my money was returned the next day minus the 5%.  

My new order finally got shipped five days after the day I purchased it.  I can’t imagine how long your order would take if you actually ordered lenses with your frames.  I received my glasses two days after the ship date.  I was happy to have them and not have to deal with that company again.  I took my frames to Coscto to have the lenses put in and I am waiting for them to come back so I can see.

I almost wish I had just paid the full $250 at the store instead of trying to be cheap and purchasing them online through some random company called AllDesignerGlasses.com.  It was definitely a long wait and a lot of time spent tracking down my order.  I would not recommend purchasing anything from AllDesignerGlasses.com.  They take forever to process orders and their customer service is awful. 


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