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I love makeup, like many people who frequent my blog.  I’m constantly buying new products to try and because I enjoying collecting makeup.  I received three new palettes for Christmas this year and I feel like I am content with my eye shadow collection.  I honestly don’t know why’d I’d by anymore and actually wish I didn’t purchase the last palette I bought which was the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach.  I asked for the Lorac Unzipped Palette for Christmas because I’ve been eyeing it forever.  I ended up receiving it, the Naked 2 and a really cool palette by Buxom called Dolly’s High Roller Collection. 🙂 

Do you have too much makeup? how much makeup is too much?

I don’t wear makeup everyday.  I will throw on foundation if I go out of the house and maybe some mascara if I feel like it.  If I’m going out somewhere like for dinner or something then I’ll do a full face of makeup.  In the summer I pretty much wear nothing except a BB cream unless I’m going out somewhere nice or to a special event.  I only ever wear neutral eye shadows and feel like I have every colour I need in the neutral category now, both matte and shimmer.  I’ve finally admitted to myself that I will never use all my makeup, I just don’t wear it enough to finish it before it will expire.

I have decided that I don’t need to buy anymore eye shadows, and using an excuse like I could use it as a blog review is not going to fly with me until I’m done reviewing every other product I own.  I have a huge drawer of empty products to review.  Plus a ton of stuff I’m currently using or haven’t opened yet so I don’t see me running out of products to review anytime soon.

Being a lifestyle/beauty blogger I see people online with tons of makeup.  Amounts that no one really ever needs or will finish.  Makeup does expire, and I went through my collection a few weeks ago and threw away a bunch of stuff that was old and expired.  Personally I think that it is a waste to have 50 eye shadow palettes or 100 lipsticks.  I can’t see anyone finishing all the products before they expire.  I know a lot of people are sent products and that is understandable or some people are makeup artists and need the selection.  I just don’t want to be one of those people that has a whole room of makeup with products expiring daily. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop buying hair products or nail polish though.  I have a serious addiction to those two things.  I also really enjoy trying new skin care products.  I’ve never thrown away skin care or hair products because they have expired though.  I haven’t thrown away any nail polishes either really, they say they expire but I haven’t noticed a change in any of my polishes besides cheap ones.  I’m forcing myself to use all my hair products up before buying new ones, I’m slowly making progress…  It does make it hard when I have doubles of a lot of products because I travel so often.  I forget what I have at home and bring stuff back to the states and then realize oh I already have a full bottle…

Once I finish up all my skin care and hair products I might try switching to natural lines.  If you have any recommendations on all natural skin care and hair care I’d love to hear.  I figured I can’t make the switch until I finish all my stuff, which could take a year or longer…

Do you own a lot of makeup and/or beauty products?  I don’t feel like I own a lot of makeup but I know I can’t use up all of what I have.  It’s going to be hard to resist buying eye shadows, they are just so pretty. 🙂 I am allowed to buy a colour I don’t have if I need it for something, but since I still to neutrals I don’t see me needing any funky colours unless it’s for some special event.

Maybe if I wore makeup daily then I’d go through everything quicker, but I don’t.  I suppose I’ll go back to wearing makeup more when I go to visit my boyfriend again in February.  But I can’t bring my whole collection with me. 🙁 

If you could just live with one eye shadow palette what one would you pick?  I think I would pick my new Lorac Unzipped or Lorac Pro, I need to use my Unzipped palette more to make a final decision. 


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