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You’ve heard of corn on the cob, but corn on the grill? Yes, it is a great way to cook corn with lots of seasonings and buttery flavor.  Corn on the cob is a good side dish to go with your perfectly grilled steaks.

Start by choosing your corn. Make sure that the husks are closed and that there are no missing kernels if you look inside. For this type of grilling we want to keep the husks so resist the urge to strip it away and throw it away. In the farmer’s market, it is habit to clean your corn there. Few people want the hassle of corn husk and hairs at home so they do it at the market.

How To Cook Corn On The Grill

Peel down the husk but do not remove it completely from the corn. Pull off all of the hairs on the corn. Examine the ears for any dark or damaged kernels. Cut those away.

Next, put the corn in a big bucket of cold water. Be sure that all of the corn is completely immersed in the water. This is much like the process of getting skewers ready for the grill. You don’t want to burn your corn so you need to saturate it and the husk. Let the corn sit for about thirty minutes. In the meantime, go ahead and preheat your grill.

Dry the corn on the cob. Now it’s time to add your spices and other condiments like butter to the corn. What do you like on your corn? If you like salt like I do, add some to the butter and other seasonings you are putting on the corn. This way you won’t have to add more when you eat later. It will soak in with the butter.

Add some red or cayenne pepper for a little kick. You can rub on dried herbs and a variety of spices. Don’t forget your butter. Re-wrap the corn cob in the husk. Twist the ends so that the corn is sealed inside. You can use a piece of the husk as a twist tie.

Grill the corn for about half an hour with the grill closed and then remove. Open the husks so you can see the corn for a better presentation. The flavor of the spices has been grilled into the corn. This is ten times better than boiling it on the stove. You’ll love it.

Happy Grilling!


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