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How to grill chicken on the bbqChicken must be the most popular food on the planet. It is cheap and easy to get. It goes well with almost any side dish and it can be cooked on the grill. This is a big plus when summer rolls around and you want to spend time outdoors in the fresh air instead of in a hot kitchen.

Chicken on the grill seems to frighten some people. Will it cook well? What about the bone? Will my chicken breast be dry? The anxiety is overwhelming. Just sit back and take a deep breath before we continue.

Chicken can be cooked boneless or with bone in on the grill. Just like with steaks, the meat that is closest to the bone will take longer to cook than the rest of it. For chickens also, darker meat portions need longer cooking time than light meat portions.

Boneless pieces of chicken are healthier to eat and take less time to cook. Marinate your chicken breasts overnight or for at least an hour. You don’t have to pierce the chicken to get the marinade to seep in. use a cutting board and a meat tenderizer before adding the chicken to the marinade.

A meat tenderizer also creates a cut of chicken with the same thickness throughout. This helps the cooking time. Most chicken breasts are thicker through the middle and thinner on the ends. That’s why some chicken breasts have hard ends because it cooked faster than the middle.

Marinated chicken pieces grill with a lot of flavor. Shake off excess to avoid flare ups. Chicken, like other meats need be turned only once. Too much turning slows the cooking process. Once the meat is done on one side (about seven minutes), turn it over for even grill marks and even cooking.

If you want to add barbeque sauce, the key is to wait until the meat is almost done before brushing it on. You don’t want to gum up your grill with the sweet sauce or have it burn. Brushing it one stops the sauce from running off the meat and into the fire.

Chicken with bones left in will take a little longer to cook. These pieces will need to turn a couple of extra times to ensure that the meat near the bone is done. To test for doneness, remove one piece of chicken and cut it. Since all the chicken was added at the same time to the grill, one piece is a good indicator. Other than the test piece, don’t poke any other pieces. This causes the juices to run out and dries the chicken.

Do you love chicken? Then don’t be afraid to throw it on the grill! Grilled chicken makes a healthy meal for your family.

Happy Grilling!


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