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christmas cookiesEveryone loves to receive homemade goodies over the holidays and I love baking them.  Here are some guidelines when sending homemade treats so they get there in one piece.

  • Don’t bake crisp or crumbly cookies.  They won’t last through shipping.  Bake things like bars, and brownies and sturdy cookies. 
  • Make sure your goods do not need to be refrigerated or they might spoil during shipping.
  • Line a container (I find that tin or plastic works the best) with crumpled wax paper.  Then put a layer of treats and then a layer of wax paper and keep alternating like so. 
  • Wrap your container in bubble wrap.
  • You will want to find a box that is about 2 inches larger than your container.  Line your container with packing paper, bubble wrap or whatever packing supplies you have on hand.  Place your container of goodies in the center and fill all the gaps with more packaging.

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