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what to eat to stay energized during the winterThere is something about winter that can be very draining on people.  Maybe it is all the time one spends indoors or maybe it is the lack of sun.  I find that during the winter I lack energy as do others.  Not to mention all the illnesses that like to breed during the winter months.  Everyone is always looking for a pick-me-up during the winter months, and coffee isn’t the answer as it is only a short-term fix.

Here are some foods that will help keep you energized all winter long.


You must stay hydrated in the winter months, and all year actually.  It seems to be easier to remember to drink your eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day in the summer when you are hot and thirsty.  In the winter you might have to force yourself to drink more water.  Keeping yourself hydrated will help keep your energy levels up.


The amount of protein you consume from Greek or Low-fat yogurt will multiply.  Greek yogurt seems to be really popular, although I don’t like it and won’t eat it.  I will however eat regular yogurt, especially blueberry.  The probiotics in yogurt will help keep you healthy and keep your immune system strong. 


Nuts are packed with protein and magnesium and a great choice for a midday pick-me-up.  Some good nuts to eat which will help improve your mood are almonds, walnuts or Brazil nuts.  Pumpkins seeds are also a great source of energy-rich minerals, so stock up on them during fall.

Leafy greens

In order to create energy your body requires iron to help transport and store oxygen.  Spinach, lettuce and broccoli are great choices to eat.  Blend yourself up a veggie smoothie if you are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up.  Don’t forget about celery, ants on a log are a fun and easy snack which will help keep your energy up throughout the day.

Fresh fruit

A apple a day does more than keep that doctor away.  Apples, banana and blueberries are good fruit choices to keep your energy level up.  Blueberries can be hard to find in the winter, so stock up when they are in season and freeze them.  Apples are a great fall and winter fruit and are easy to find.  Fruit snacks are easy and delicious, you can add it your cereal, make a smoothie or even a fruit salad.

Whole grains

Start your morning off with a nice steaming bowl of oatmeal.  The fiber and B vitamins make it the perfect breakfast choice.  Also, add brown rice, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread to your diet to help keep your energy up throughout the day.

Lean meat and fish

Chicken, turkey, pork and lean ground meat are all good sources of iron.  Just like the leafy greens, you need that iron to help store and transport oxygen in the body to keep you energized.  Although I don’t like seafood, salmon contains riboflavin, protein, niacin and Vitamin B6, which all have energy-converting properties.


Lentils, beans and peas contain protein, iron and magnesium which makes them a great food for energy.  Chickpeas and black beans are full of finer which helps slow down digestion.  They will help keep you full and energized longer.


If you enjoy eggs, why not start your day out with one?  Eggs have a high amount of protein in them and are a perfect, energy fueled breakfast.  No matter how you prepare them, it is the perfect choice to start your day.

Dark chocolate

If you like it, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with this treat.  But make sure you are eating dark chocolate, which I don’t like :(.  The caffeine in dark chocolate will give you that initial pick-me-up, and then it just keeps on giving.  It helps increase the blood flow to your brain and also contains antioxidants, magnesium and iron.  It is a natural choice to fill both your cravings and give you energy.

If you work these foods into your diet in the winter months, or all year you will feel more energized and be able to make it through the day no problem.


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