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Homemade Beauty Recipes, Face Masks, Foot Scrub, ConditionerNatural is the latest trend in skin and hair care.  For years we have been putting toxic chemicals onto and into our bodies that eventually build up and make us feel sick.  People are finally catching on that natural is better.

Most stores these days carry a line of ‘natural’ beauty products, but they typically come with a big price tag.  A lot of the times the products that claim to be “all-natural” aren’t.  So make sure you do your research and are getting what you pay for.

Luckily, making your own beauty products is pretty simple.  If you want beauty products that you know are natural and also inexpensive, then just make them yourself.

Here are 3 quick beauty recipes that you can make at home for yourself.

Face mask

Eating healthy food help gives you the right nutrients to help you look good.  You can also get more of these vitamins and minerals by putting them on to your skin.

Combine a mashed carrot, mashed avocado and a beaten egg with half a cup of heavy cream and 2-3 tablespoons of honey into a bowl. Mix well, if it needs more liquid just add a bit more cream.  Apply it to your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes.  Wash off with cool water, and pat your face dry.  This face mask provides vitamins and will help improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Hair Conditioner

People pay a lot of money for conditioners that make their hair look and feel good.  You can create a recipe that works just as well at home for much less.

Mix an egg yolk with a tablespoon of castor oil and apply to hair.  Let it sit for about ten minutes and then rinse it out.  You can use this as often as you’d like as a conditioning treatment for healthy, shiny hair.  You could also add herbs and essential oils into the treatment as well to make your hair smell good.  If you have long hair like myself, then you might need to double the recipe.

Hand and Foot Scrub

Hands and feet require extra care to keep them looking good.  Use a cup of olive oil mixed with one cup of natural sea salt and massage into your hands and feet.  Leave it on for a few minutes to soak and then rinse off with warm water.  You can also add some lemon or your favourite essential oil to the scrub to make it smell good.

When it comes to natural beauty products, these recipes are just the start.  You can find hundreds on recipes in books and online.  It is pretty easy to experiment too by mixing up things in your kitchen and trying them out.

So go ahead and go pamper yourself! 🙂


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