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Sun and Skin SafetyAre you a sun worshiper?  I know I am.  The sun is a necessity, it gives life to most living things on this planet.  We need it.  The sun gives you vitamin D which boosts your immune system and helps you achieve good mental and physical health.

Every minute you are in the sun you are exposing yourself to skin damage.  All those normal signs of aging are typically caused by the sun and over time the sun’s rays damage the fibers in your skin.  The sun can even cause cancer. Scary, yes!

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A few of things we will discuss in ‘Summer Sun Safety – What You Need to Know‘ are:

  • 6 ways the sun damages your skin
  • How to know if you have sun damage
  • 6 ways to reverse sun damage
  • Sunscreen 101
  • Good sun habits
  • What you can eat to protect yourself from the sun
  • Sun damage myths
  • Are you at risk for skin cancer?
  • Symptoms of skin cancer
  • Ways to prevent skin cancer and sun damage

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