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control food cravings

Do you find yourself giving into food temptations often? I know I do.  Try these tricks to help curb your food cravings.


Keep a food diary.
If you keep track of what you eat you are less likely to over eat because you see everything you eat in plain site on paper.

Out of site out of mind.
To banish something from your diet, ban it from your house. That way you can’t eat what isn’t there.  If you don’t have it in the house you won’t see it and just randomly snack.

Switch your chocolate.
If chocolate is your weakness than switch to dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa or more.  It is better for you and you will find that you will need to eat less to feel the positive effects.

Shop on a full stomach.
Visit the grocery store on a full stomach, you are less likely to impulse by foods that are bad for you.

Make a list.
When you visit the grocery store take a list with you. Always stick to it and stay out of the chip and soda aisle.

Reward yourself.
Reward yourself with a small treat for being good. Buy yourself a nail polish, a book, shoes, depending on your budget.

Stay away from temptation.
Change your route to work if you go by McDonald’s and can’t resist their breakfast.  If you tend to binge on cocktails with your girlfriends, invite them to a movie instead.

Stay Motivated.
Motivate yourself with positive words to keep yourself feeling great!


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