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Everyone loves going to a pool party or the beach during the summer, but what can you eat and drink so that you won’t look bloated in your bikini?

  • Stay away from anything that is loaded with salt or fiber, they are the two biggest offenders.
  • Avoid broccoli or cabbage because they will make you gassy
  • Eat lean protein like shrimp or grilled chicken.
  • Stay away from carbonated drinks, bubbles will make you bloated.
  • Drink wine or vodka and juice cocktails.
  • Make sure not to use a straw because you will take in air every sip.  Same goes for gum, it also makes you take in air, which expands your stomach.

Follow these tips so your not bloated on beach day.  Or you can just forget it all and have a carefree day and eat whatever you like.  That’s what I would do!


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