beauty secrets ridge fillerI purchased the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler because I ran out of my usual OPI Ridge Filler.  I was hoping to have discovered a great find because it was under $3 and the OPI one runs around $10.  However, I was not impressed with the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler and would never purchase it again. 

The Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler goes on smooth and fills in any ridges that I have.  My nail polish goes on smooth on top of the ridge filler as well.  At first it looks as though it is a great base coat/ridge filler, but it is not.  Within a few hours I noticed my nail polish chipping off, and I don’t mean just at the tips after wear and tear.  Chunks of nail polish would fall off in full pieces.  It obviously did not adhere to the nail but only to the other nail polish.  It did make it easy to remove the nail polish as I didn’t even need to use nail polish remover.  The polish would just peel right off. 

I’ve tried using the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler with many other brands of nail polish and it gave me the same results every time.  I even tried buffing my nails to make the ridge filler stick to it and I had the exact same problem.  I do not recommend the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler and I am going to toss it as I don’t even want it as a backup.  If you want a really good base coat I recommend the Seche Clear Base Coat

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