I love facial exfoliators and use them once to twice a week.  My absolute favorite one that I have tried is the Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser. It smells awesome and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and smooth.  I do not use it often however because it is more pricy then a drugstore scrub.  It is about $20 for a smaller container (120g) and $35 for the larger container (250g).  Although I must mention that a little bit goes along way.

To use the scrub just moisten your face and then apply the Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser in a circular motion avoiding the eye area.  Rinse with warm water and then pat dry. 

Lush describes the cleanser as lime extracted in vodka and sea salt.  The antibacterial effects of lime and the trace of alcohol in the product is ideal for blocked pores, blackheads or blemishes. The minerals in sea salt soften as the salt scrubs away dirt and blockages.

Have you tried the Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser? What did you think?  What are your favorite face exfoliators?


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