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Yellow LabAre you thinking of buying a pet for your significant other, friend, child, family member this holiday season?  Owning a pet is a huge commitment, here are some things to consider before giving a pet to someone for a present.

  • Make sure the person you are gifting this pet to is willing to commit the next 15 to 20 years to caring for the pet.
  • Make sure the pet will fit the receivers lifestyle.  Are they home often?  Do they have a yard? If no, than a cat might be a better option.
  • Ensure that the receiver or family members are not allergic to animals.  I could be devastating to have to give the pet away after finding out about allergies.
  • If you are giving your children an animal, are you will to pick up the slack when they fail to walk the dog, or clean the cat litter?
  • Think about the cost of owning the animal, vet bills, food, toys, etc.  Is this something the person or your family can afford?

Make sure you consider these five things before gifting a pet this holiday season.  A pet can bring great joy to peoples lives with unconditional love but they also take a lot of work and also some money.

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