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Get Your Bikini Line Beach ReadySummer means itsy-bitsy bikini time!  Follow these tricks and tips to have a smooth, flawless bikini line.

If you stick to just shaving wait until the end of your shower to shave.  It gives your hair time to soften and you will get a closer shave.  If you are planning on going to the ocean shave the day before as the salt water can sting any nicks.

If you are waxing your bikini line make sure that the aesthetician specializes in waxing.  Ask them what type of wax they use.  The stripless/hard wax is the best for sensititve areas like the bikini line becuase it won’t stick to the skin.

If you visit a professional you should only experiance minor pain.  Aviod waxing the week before or after your period as it will be more painful then.  You can also pop a pain killer before going in for your waxing session.

To prevent ingrown hairs make sure you exfoliate your body at least two times per week.  Two days after waxing massage your skin with an exfoliator before showering and it will help get rid of dead skin and lift the hairs growing out.



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