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Maintaining healthy nails is not as difficult as you may think. Like hair, nails are typically healthiest in their natural state, requiring just a bit of nail polish for protection and regular applications of moisturizer.

Healthy Nail Care Tips

I’ve had very weak nails for as long as I remember. Mine peel, break and bend all the time. Lately I’ve been able to keep my nails healthier and stronger following these tips…

1.  Don’t clip nails to shorten them. Use a nail file to file nails down to size. Make sure to swipe in only one direct, do not go back and fourth.

2.  Use nail polish infrequently, especially if it contains acetone

3.  Use rubber gloves when nails will be exposed to water or household cleaners. These will quickly dry out nails, leaving them brittle.

4.  Apply moisturizing hand cream as often as possible.

5.  Do not cut the cuticle. Push it back gently with a cuticle stick or a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher.

6.  Never peel or scrape off nail polish or use metal instruments on the nail surface. This will damage the protective cells of the nail.

7.  Drink more water. Frequent nail splitting can indicate dehydration. Drink more fluids and use an oil designed to penetrate the nail plate.

8.  Use a nail strengthener. I’ve tried many and haven’t had any success with nail strengtheners. I started using OPI Nail Envy a few months ago and it actually does work. It’s really improved my nails and they have been stronger and healthier since I’ve been using Nail Envy. I definitely recommend picking it up if you have weak nails like myself. I order mine off Amazon cause they typically have it for the cheapest price.


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