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how to beat jet lagI travel quite often and will be traveling even more for the next few years.  Traveling in general is very tiring, and when you are switching time zones you can really throw your body off.  Follow these tips to beat jet lag.

  • A day or two before your flight sync your meals and also you bedtime with the time zone of your destination
  • On the day of your departure avoid caffeine and alcohol.  I know it can be tempting to grab a coffee with make your more alert or an alcoholic beverage while waiting at the airport but resist the urge.  They mess with your sleep schedule and destabilize your mood, which makes your jet lag worse.
  • Once you board the plane set your phone and/or watch to the same time zone as your destination.  Doing so will help you mentally adjust to the new schedule.
  • During your flight try and get some rest as much as possible.  A cozy neck pillow and eye mask can help you get some shut eye.  I also recommend wearing comfy clothes on your travel day as this will help with relaxing while on the plane.
  • If your plane lands during daylight, fight the urge to sleep and spend some time outside in the sunlight as much as possible.

I hope these tips help you beat jet lag.  Enjoy your next trip!


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