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I stopped by Lush the other day and decided to try out one of their fresh face masks.  I picked up the one called Cupcake for $6.95.

I like their fresh products but usually only buy them once in a while since they have to be used up fast. This one has a shelf life of 3 weeks, and a week already passed while it sat at the store.  Lush’s fresh products must be kept in the refrigerator, make sure that no one mixes the cupcake mask up with actual cake batter.lush cupcake mask

Lush says that the Cupcake Face Mask has detoxifying ingredients and it is best for people with oily or breakout prone skin.  The directions say to smooth onto clean, dry skin and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.  I always leave my face masks on for the maximum time suggested, or usually longer.

I really liked the Cupcake mask, but who wouldn’t, unless you don’t like chocolate.  The mask looks, feels and even smells like cake batter, I wonder what it tastes like… The mask had little gritty granules that created a light exfoliation while I was rinsing it off, so it was like a two in one product.  Overall I really liked the mask and will buy it again.  It left my face smooth and bright.  I’m not sure if it helped cut down on oil, but my face really isn’t that oily to begin with.  I kept track of how many applications I got out of one container.  It gave me 7, that’s less than $1 an application, not too bad.  I applied a generous amount each time as well because I didn’t want it to expire.

You can’t buy the Cupcake mask online because it is a fresh product and it would be expired by the time it arrives to you so unfortunately you have to buy it in Lush stores.

Remember if you return 5 containers to Lush they will give you a free mask!




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