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I’m from the Vancouver area and I’m convinced that they have the best tasting water. 

I’ve been all over the US and Canada and haven’t tried anything better.  Oklahoma had the worst water, I wouldn’t even drink it when my boyfriend was stationed there.  Now he is back in California and I find their water to have a strong chlorine taste.  The drinking water for this city comes from the same lake we have our boat in… The water reservoir in my home city is secured and people are not allowed near it.  But that’s not the case here in California…

Within a week of being in California I started researching water filters. I wasn’t about to buy jugs of water over and over again like I did in Oklahoma. I feel that the water is safe to drink in California but that it just tastes awful.  When I’m home in Vancouver I just drink tap water and it’s delicious. I have a giant jug in the fridge and just fill it up with tap water so it’s cold all the time.

I have never been one to buy purified water.

But I decided I wanted to get a filter because I wasn’t enjoying the taste of the California water. After much research I ordered the PUR 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser. I wanted to get a big enough dispenser so I didn’t have to fill it up on daily basis. I like my water to be cold and just the basic Brita wasn’t going to work for me. I drink a fair amount of water so I wanted my dispenser to last me at least into a second day.

PUR 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser Review

I picked up the PUR 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser at Target for I believe $27.99 plus tax of course. You can find it just about anywhere that they sell water filters, Amazon has it too.

The PUR 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser claims…

  • To remove 95% of Mercury
  • Reduce Chlorine taste, odor and more
  • Remove an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals
  • Reduce two times more contaminants than Brita
  • Replace up to 3,000 plastic bottles a year

The dispenser has a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 90-day warranty. It claims to reduce several harmful contaminants that are in water. I’m not going to list them all cause we’d be here forever. If you want to learn more you could read about it on their website.  I can’t test any of their claims about removing contaminants because I’m not about to spend a bunch of money on a water testing kit. I bought this to make my water taste tasty. 🙂

I really like the design of the water filter, it’s very slim and fits nicely into my fridge without taking up too much room. The dispenser is easy to fill and fits into my sink so I can fill it up in less than a minute. The water goes in the upper, blue part of the dispenser and then filters into the bottom clear part. Sometimes I pull my filter out and fill it up again after the top portion is empty so I always have cold water.

The PUR 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser comes with one filter so you can start using it right away. Make sure you follow the directions and let the filter soak before inserting it into the dispenser. One filter is suppose to filter 40 gallons which is 640 8 ounce cups. That’s a lot of water. The replacement filters are about $7-8, which in my opinion is very inexpensive and I know I’ll find an even better deal if I buy multiple at a time.

My water tastes so much better now that I use the PUR 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser.

The other day I took a quick sip out of the faucet and it tasted like shit. This filter has really made a difference. I find myself drinking even more water because when I open the fridge I see the water there and end up getting a glass of it instead of a pop. I even notice my boyfriend drinking more water since the dispenser has been in the fridge.

I’ve had one small issue with my filter that I should mention…

Sometimes when I fill up my dispenser the water won’t filter through.  I have to take out the filter and give it a good shake and then it works again. I don’t know if I just got a tightly packed filter with my dispenser or maybe my water is just that nasty. But it’s kind of annoying. It hasn’t happen in the last week but happened quite a bit at the beginning. I will let you know if I have any issues with my next filter.  I thought I should mention it in case someone else has the same issue.  It’s really not a big deal and all I have to do is pull the filter out and shake it for a second.  But it is annoying when you fill up the entire dispenser and it doesn’t filter through.  I don’t want to waste water and pour it down the drain, especially with California’s drought. When it happens I typically pour the water into my plants then pull out the filter and shake it around.

I should also mention that PUR has partnered with Terracycle so you can recycle all their products and packing for free. I haven’t signed up to it yet but probably will after I finish this post.

Some people complain that water filters end up costing them a ton of money, but I don’t understand how if a filter is only $7-8 and filters 640 cups of water. That’s very inexpensive in my opinion.

I am happy I purchased this water filter. I highly recommend it and have been using it for about a month and a half and am very impressed.

I love being able to drink a cold glass of fresh tasting water!

PUR has several other water filter products available so if this dispenser is too big for you then they might have something else to better suit your needs.

Do you filter your tap water?

Not much of a water drinker? Try my recipe for cucumber, lemon, mint water.



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