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Red Bull Camouflag Can Limited EditionFrom Memorial day until Labor Day Red Bull will be delivering wings via limited edition camouflage cans.  Red Bull Camo Cans will be available for purchase on military bases.

A portion of the proceeds from the Red Bull Camo Can will go to the Military Warriors Support Foundation and their Homes4WoundedHeros and Homes4GoldStars programs.

This wonderful organization provides mortgage-free homes to combat wounded heroes as well as spouses of fallen combat wounded heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was lucky enough to receive a perk via Klout from Red Bull with a 16 ounce can of Red Bull in a fancy camouflage box! 🙂  I plan on purchasing more Red Bull Camo cans to help this great cause.

To date, 5 houses have been provided through this partnership that is now in it’s third year!

If you are a Red Bull drinker and have the ability to purchase these limited edit camo cans then please do so to support the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

Red Bull Camo Can Limited Edition

Do you enjoy Red Bull?  Have you tried my Red Bull Slush recipe?


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