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Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling WandThe Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand is the best curling iron I have ever used.  I have always had trouble curling my hair and this wand works magic!

The features of the Remington T-Studio Pearl Curling Wand are:

  • High-tech ceramic wand infused with real pearl
  • 410F salong high heat
  • 60 minute automatic Shutoff
  • Digital Controls
  • Heat protective glove
  • 4 year warranty

I have the 1″ to 1 1/2″ curling wand and it can create tight or loose curls.  I find I only need to hold the curl on the wand for about 10 seconds.  The wand always creates a beautiful, shiny curl.  The curls hold all day and even into the next day.

I still cannot believe the results I get from using this curling wand.  I have never been able to get my hair to curl and this wand does it with almost no effort.  And to make it even better, the next day I always wake up with beautiful beachy waves.

I tried using the Remington T-Studio Styling Wand without any hair products and my curl held all day and my hair was still curled when I woke up the next day.

The wand has swivel cord that is almost 6 feet long.  It also has a small plastic stand attached to it so it can easily sit on your counter while warming up.  The curling wand comes with a glove to prevent you from burning your fingers but I don’t find myself using the glove as I find it makes things more difficult.  The glove is small in size and actually fits my hand, some other curling wands I have tried came with a huge glove that only got in my way.

The Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand is very inexpensive.  It can run anywhere from $24.99 to $29.99 depending on which size you purchase.  I have even seen it on sale for about $20.00.  

The Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand is hands down the best curling iron/wand I have ever used.  I highly recommend that you try it if you are on the market for a new one.  I am going to buy the smaller wand soon as well because I am so impressed with it.


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