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runnerIf you have been following I’m Loving This than you know that I have started to run.  You can read my first blog post about how I started running here.  I am now onto week three and am still going strong.

This week I basically ran every other day.  I ran four out of the seven days.

The following is the running plan I followed for week three

Walk for three minutes, then run for three minutes. Repeat four times.  Repeat this four days in the week.

I’m starting to find that I am getting better at running.  I can actually run for three minutes straight which is something I have never been able to do.  I can’t wait till I can run long distances.  I want to be able to run this long bridge near my boyfriends house that crosses the entire lake.  The bridge spans about 2 miles.  I hope to be able to run the bridge by summer. 

I will keep you updated on my progress next week.


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